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Veronica PR Anzo Events: Limo, Pest & Aircon Superiority


Are you expecting some hard-to-please guests at your next event?  Even the most picky of tastes can be met at Veronica PR Anzo Events:  Limo, Pest & Aircon Superiority.  We understand that being a host for a party, celebration, or more can be exhausting– and that’s not even including the pre-planning which is the most important part!  Homeowners especially can benefit from our services that’ll whip your house into top presentable shape in no time, with bundle deal prices that aren’t possible anywhere else.

But most of all, you want to make sure you’re getting quality services– not just convenience and affordable prices.  We started out as a local family-run center, and are still going strong with the same local team for the past couple decades now.  For everyday folks, getting a day off isn’t always so easy, so you don’t want to end up waiting for up to a whole day for home improvement appointments the week before.  We aim to find local businesses like us, who share the same values of punctuality, organization, clear communication, and a hands-on approach so important to making a positive impact on the local area at Veronica PR Anzo Events.

The day of events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthday parties, and other milestones– getting your party to and from the destination safely can be a hassle when you try to go cowboy and drive in a carpool.  Everybody’s GPS has them going in loops and now you’ve got a bunch of calls blowing up the host’s cellphone.  Save yourself the trouble and hire a chauffeur through our scheduling at Veronica PR Anzo Events:  Limo, Pest & Aircon Superiority.  Our drivers are fully licensed and insured, and we schedule them through a licensed limo rental company.  The limo fleet is fantastic and includes choices such as pink limos, party buses, hummer limos, white limos, and traditional styles as well from Grosse Pointe Limousine Rental Service.  

If you’re the lucky planner of an outdoor event or summer spectacle at your property, then don’t let mosquitoes or stinging insects spoil the fun.  Celebrations like weddings or graduations can quickly turn uncomfortable or unbearable when there are wasps flying around or your guests are starting to get red itchy bumps from whatever bugs or insects that are living in your backyard.  We recommend getting pest control or management professionals, or entomologists, on the job a month in advance.  You never know what problems could be lurking just beneath the surface on your lawn, and you want to correct issues as naturally as possible.  When you call to setup a consultation through us at Veronica PR Anzo Events, you can expect to see an exterminator as soon as the same day.  

Air conditioning – Bill’s After hours, hager fox, north winds, all star is also a factor to consider when you invite more guests over than your home is used to.  While you may have been getting along fine in the past without regular maintenance, past issues could be exacerbated with lots of people raising the building temperature more than usual.  Whatever you may need:  a tune-up, replacement, air duct cleaning, and much more you can count on Veronica PR Anzo Events:  Limo, Pest, and Aircon Superiority.