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Our Bakersfield Office Keeps Bugs Away Safely

Often our guests stay longer than anticipated, and when the sun goes down there isn’t definitely no shortage of biting bugs that come out.  But at Veronica PR Anzo Events:  Limo, Pest & Aircon Superiority we believe that homeowners or party hosts should have to feel deterred from planning outdoor events just because of pests living on their lawns.  Over our years of experience in the business, we’ve learned that picking professional certified entomologists like– pest control Bakersfield CA,  is the key to safely get rid of pests around your home like the following:  termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, horse flies, earwigs, wasps, hornets, aphids, bedbugs, and much more.

Bakersfield, California doesn’t experience the same crazy, chilling cold like our neighbors to the north in places such as Alaska.  And that means that especially during summer, spring, and fall when conditions are more damp is just inviting the insects to raise their young in your yard.  Especially for those dealing with mosquito infestations will find that the culprit is moisture, since they like to lay their eggs in still water.  

Often there is more than one solution to a problem, and our office in Bakersfield for pest control believes that the least toxic exterminator tools should be used first, before moving on to more intense measure such as fumigation when pest invasions are overwhelming.  You can expect our new office location to take the stress out of bug removal at Veronica PR Anzo Events.